Comments on “Consider Children as the Treasure of the Nation”

Vinod Roshan:

The news of 66 school children crammed into a minivan in Northern China is shocking. The actual capacity of the van is eight. The van driver must be greedy to dump children into the minivan……

I was really shocked by the news, and I tried to figure out more information about it. When I browsed some Chinese news websites, I found it had been the hot topic which was discussed by a lot of Chinese people. They called on the society to fight against illegal vehicles in order to protect the safety of the children.

You watched very carefully and caught some details, such as the shadow of the cameraman. In my experience, the video was taken by an unprofessional people. Perhaps, the cameraman was one of the policemen. They just videotaped it as the document to keep. I have figured out the original video from a Chinese website. It’s about 3 minutes. I think BBC used it to edit the news.

I appreciate your thoughts. We should pay attention to the danger of vehicle overloading. It is easy to have an accident. We can’t imagine how painful will be brought to these families. We never hope it happen.

Expect this news can make much more Chinese people focus on it. Consider our children as the treasure of the nation.

If She Doesn’t Has a New Face

Face is the most important thing to women. I can learn it from my female friends. They always buy all kinds cosmetics and enjoy the facial treatment; even some got plastic surgery to make the face pretty. In my opinion, it’s so crazy for their face. Therefore, when a woman was badly disfigured by an accident, how dark her life would be?

This is a story about Charla Nash that I watched on CBC news this morning. In 2009, Charla was hurt by friend’s chimp. After the horrific attack, she lost her hands, lips, nose and eyes. She always wore a veil to hide her disfigurement in public. Fortunately, she underwent a full face transplant in May. Most of the surgery is successful. She has a new nose, lips and facial skins now.

This piece of news is only 2 minutes, but it contains a lot of content. Especially for the beginning of the news, there are several shocking clips, such as the victim’s picture before disfigured, the emergency call and her disfigurement. Via these, I can not only know what happened but also feel the painful of the victim. In addition, I am grabbed by the hook; I want to know how the victim now is after the surgery. Charla’s daughter and brother are interviewed in the news, but the doctors are not included. I think that is ok because it’s hard to explain the surgery in few words. To be honest, I don’t care the details about the surgery. The most important is how Charla is. Although Charla isn’t able to speak now, the statement is quite necessary. It shows me Charla’s feeling. When I read these words, I can directly know how important the new face to Charla is.  The new face brings her a new life. I am also happy for her.  

As an audience, I get all the information what I want from the news. Just in 2 minutes, I am touched by Charla’s fate. So, this news does well. 

The video can be found here.

They Sold Apartment to Travel

<Around the World in 80Days> is a famous adventure novel which was written by the 19th French writer Verne. In the story, Fogg, the character in the novel, attempted to travel around the world in 80 days on a 20,000 Pounds wager set by his friends. At the end of the novel, Verne asked a question, what did Fogg get from the journey? After reading the novel, it easy for you to figure out the answer, Fogg got nothing but happiness.

Some think it is just a story; no one will really to do that. Before yesterday, maybe I would agree with them, but when I heard this story as follow, I was shocked. A Chinese old couple sold their apartment to travel around the world. They just finished their journey in Antarctic. From 2008 until now, they have backpacked Europe, North America and South America. The husband is 64 years old and the wife is 61 years old. Even they don’t understand English at all. They just used body language when they were on the way. How can they do that so bravely? They said they saw some foreigners traveling in China; although the foreigners never knew Chinese, they still enjoyed the journey. Therefore, this encouraged them to realize their dream of traveling around the world. Comparing to young people, they faced a lot of problems, such as sick, effort and communication etc. They overcame all the difficulties during the journey; in addition, they need each other than before. Those made them rediscover the feeling of being in love.

I don’t know how Canadians look at this story. As a Chinese, I believe most people will say a word “crazy”, but not for traveling, just for selling apartment to travel. Apartment is the most important stuff to Chinese people. A lot of people working hard is to own an apartment in their life. They overtime and give up all the holidays. Even so, there are still some people who can’t afford to buy an apartment. To be honest, I really appreciate the old couple’s courage, but I still think about some questions.

*They can’t speak English. If the emergency happens in the journey, how can they deal with it in a strange environment?

*If they spend all the money on traveling, how can they support their future life?

*When they decided to sell their apartment, what’s the opinion of their kids?

*Did they feel some pressures from the society? 


After reading this story, do you want to make some changes in your life?